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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubPSWL: SUMMER PSWL: NorthPSCA: 1st GradePSCA: 3rd GradePSCA: 6th GradePSWL: Perth Scorchers Women's Cricket League SpringNorthPSWL: SUMMER PSWL: NorthPSCA: 1st GradePSCA: 3rd GradePSCA: 6th GradePSWL: Perth Scorchers Women's Cricket League SpringNorth
Ashani, DinkarSKLP Cricket Club0333003330
Bhatt, HarshSKLP Cricket Club021420021420
Bhudia, DhanjiSKLP Cricket Club0040000400
Bhudia, JagdishSKLP Cricket Club0028000280
bhudia, kavitSKLP Cricket Club002120002120
Dabasia, MilanSKLP Cricket Club0003000030
Gami, ShrutiSKLP Cricket Club2000520005
Garg, AchinSKLP Cricket Club014000014000
Gopal, DhruvSKLP Cricket Club001500001500
Gopal, Mehul VSKLP Cricket Club0043000430
Gorshia, KushSKLP Cricket Club019000019000
Halai, DhanvantibenSKLP Cricket Club5000150001
Halai, Kalpesh KSKLP Cricket Club000190000190
Halai, KomalSKLP Cricket Club6000460004
Halai, LaljiSKLP Cricket Club021000021000
Halai, MehulSKLP Cricket Club020000020000
Halai, UrvashiSKLP Cricket Club2000520005
Halai, YashwiniSKLP Cricket Club1000010000
Hirani, AnilSKLP Cricket Club019000019000
Hirani, BipinSKLP Cricket Club0026000260
Hirani, HemalSKLP Cricket Club0040000400
Hirani, KrushnaSKLP Cricket Club001400001400
Hirani, PriyankaSKLP Cricket Club3000230002
hirani, rasvantiSKLP Cricket Club3000030000
Jesani, NitinkumarSKLP Cricket Club015000015000
Kara, DhishilSKLP Cricket Club000160000160
Kerai, DeepSKLP Cricket Club021810021810
Kerai, JigarSKLP Cricket Club081200081200
kerai, jyotiSKLP Cricket Club5000550005
Kerai, Piyush VSKLP Cricket Club001110001110
Kerai, PunitSKLP Cricket Club031350031350
Kerai, ShilpaSKLP Cricket Club5000150001
Kerai, SunilSKLP Cricket Club020000020000
kerai, yashSKLP Cricket Club0005000050
Khimani, NiteshSKLP Cricket Club002110002110
Khimji, VimikshaSKLP Cricket Club4000040000
Madhapariya, Mitesh JSKLP Cricket Club001920001920
Mayani, Mahesh GSKLP Cricket Club0010000100
Meghani, JaySKLP Cricket Club003120003120
Mepani, Ashok HSKLP Cricket Club021000021000
patel, dipesh lSKLP Cricket Club001320001320
Patel, HarshSKLP Cricket Club0088000880
Patel, MayurSKLP Cricket Club000190000190
Patel, Prathik ISKLP Cricket Club021000021000
Patel, Rajesh NSKLP Cricket Club015500015500
Patel, TrushalSKLP Cricket Club0004000040
Pindoria, DipikaSKLP Cricket Club0000500005
Pindoria, MayurSKLP Cricket Club0013000130
Pindoria, PriyankaSKLP Cricket Club1000310003
Pindoriya, AlpeshSKLP Cricket Club0002000020