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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1123814489153165743538718123Krushna HiraniSKLP Cricket Club2020/20215th Grade1 1Canning Vale
2105814400153165743541573105Jagdish BhudiaSKLP Cricket Club2020/2021D Grade One Day11 1Stirling
3101604920153165743537907101*Lalji HalaiSKLP Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade2 1Carlisle Cricket Club
4100272536153165743538723100*Mahesh VarsaniSKLP Cricket Club2020/20215th Grade2 1University
59760492015316574353793197Lalji HalaiSKLP Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade10 1Ascot Cricket Club
689205868815316574354153589Pragnesh HiraniSKLP Cricket Club2020/2021D Grade One Day4 1Middle Swan
782166036815316574354153582Harshid VarsaniSKLP Cricket Club2020/2021D Grade One Day4 1Middle Swan
87762534815316574353791277*Ashok H MepaniSKLP Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade4 1Swan View Cricket Club
97613810315316574354152776Mehul HalaiSKLP Cricket Club2020/2021D Grade One Day2 1Stirling
107571398915316574353830875Dhruv GopalSKLP Cricket Club2020/20213rd Grade6 1Midland
117427253615316574353872874Mahesh VarsaniSKLP Cricket Club2020/20215th Grade4 1Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club
127174485415316574353790971Prathik I PatelSKLP Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade3 1Ellenbrook Rangers Cricket Club
1367102768515316574353872367*Dhishil KaraSKLP Cricket Club2020/20215th Grade2 1University
146718094215316574353791767*Anil HiraniSKLP Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade6 1Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club
156683315115316574353793466Rajesh N PatelSKLP Cricket Club2020/20211st GradePF 1Swan View Cricket Club
166485060415316574353830864*Hemal HiraniSKLP Cricket Club2020/20213rd Grade6 1Midland
1764205868815316574353874064Pragnesh HiraniSKLP Cricket Club2020/20215th Grade8 1Mt Lawley
186189482315316574353790261*Kush GorshiaSKLP Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade1 1Lesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club
1959206162015316574353873859Dipen PaunSKLP Cricket Club2020/20215th Grade7 1University
2058102768515316574354154458*Dhishil KaraSKLP Cricket Club2020/2021D Grade One Day5 1Ascot Cricket Club
215762534815316574353792257Ashok H MepaniSKLP Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade7 1Carlisle Cricket Club
225581440015316574354155255Jagdish BhudiaSKLP Cricket Club2020/2021D Grade One Day7 1Swan View Cricket Club
235362534815316574353793153Ashok H MepaniSKLP Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade10 1Ascot Cricket Club
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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